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Friday, December 02, 2005

Response to BtoB article

In a recent article in BtoB magazine titled "Podcasting call lures advertisers", the author Carol Kroll writes how ... podcast has recently been replacing RSS feeds as "the hottest thing in the fast-moving digital media realm"... The article, quotes my IBM colleague Ben Edwards and mentions some of IBM's recent podcasts. The article goes on to say...
"At a luncheon put on by the Advertising Club of New York and USA Today last month called 'The Wave of Innovation' at which marketer panelists from America Online, IBM, Sharp Electronics Corp. and Xerox Corp. discussed marketing innovations and new media, not one mentioned podcasting."

Well since I was the IBMer on the panel, I of course found this statement very interesting. I really don't recall whether or not the word "podcast" was mentioned. If not, a strange oversight indeed since I have been producing podcasts for several months and do routinely create podcasts for delivering content on the On Demand Business site. Perhaps it was just in the way the questions were asked of the panel that podcasts didn't come up or perhaps at least for me, podcasts have just been another way to deliver content to my customers, I didn't give it quite the same headline as BtoB did. I do think that BtoB is mostly correct. Podcasts are a very important and interesting new way of delivering content. However, I still think that an interactive conversation and the ability for dialogue and collaboration as blogging and other social networks are providing will have a much bigger, long term and revolutionary change in how we do business. Check out our latest article on "What does an innovative company look like" where we talk with Irving Wladawsky-Burger and John Patrick about innovation and the roles of blogging, podcasts etc. in innovation.

In the interest of complete disclosure, Carol tried to interview me for the BtoB article. I'm not sure what happened but somewhere between Carol's deadline, my travel and the IBM team who organizes press interviews, the interview didn't take place.

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