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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Blogging Means Business and I'm back

I'm back. I've been back at work for a while but just wasn't sure how to get back to my blog. At first I thought about doing a blog tribute to my mom but it would take a book to do justice to her life. So, I've finally decided that I may just add a line here and there about her from time to time.

It has been a busy few weeks so it is going to take me a bit to catch up. I want to spend some more time talking about my trip and my blogging discussions around the world but first I just want to highlight what many others in the blogosphere have already commented on. I recently created and published an interview with 2 IBM executives; Harriet Pearson and Willy Chiu on the IBM On Demand Business site titled Blogging Means Business. There has been a good amount of Buzz around the piece and I'm happy to say for the most part it is good Buzz. There was a little bit of controversy about whether the 2 executives I featured are credible speakers on blogging if they don't have their own external blogs. I think the question was first raised by BL Ochman with one of the best responses on NevOn.

What did I learn from this piece. We probably should have mentioned that both Harriet and Willy do have internal blogs in IBM and we should have added a link to other IBM external bloggers. And stay tuned... I may have a new IBM executive blogger up on the On Demand Business site shortly ;-)

Thanks for checking in with me.

About Mom: One of my favorite stories is told by my neice. She tells about how she came to live with her Grandmother for a year as a teenager - a move she wasn't too happy about. Then she learned how her grandmother could run faster in spike heels and a short skirt than she could as a teen and soon realized how "cool" her grandmother was and what cool clothes her grandmother had. Even into her later years, my mom was a very stylish dresser who walked several miles a day.

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