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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ad Club of New York and USA Today luncheon

A nice hello to all the people I met today at the Ad Club of New York and USA Today The Wave of Innovation luncheon. I've participated in several blogging seminars recently but I have to give a real shout out to the organizers of this meeting. Rather than focus just on the newly popular theme of blogging, the panel was questioned on a variety of new-age marketing tools like mobile marketing, search engines, old and new media, the challenges of building brands in a marketplace full of disparate channels.

The originally scheduled IBM panel member Deirdre Bigley wasn't able to attend and she asked me to step in for her. Thank you Deirdre - I had a great time. Other panel members included Lisa Judson from America Online, Bob Scaglione Sharp Electronics and Nancy Wiese with Xerox. At one point I found myself so engrossed in listening to my colleagues I nearly forgot the question we were supposed to be answering. Kevin Maney served as moderator and I learned that he will soon be starting his own blog for USA Today. So Kevin - we anxiously await your arrival. I wonder if Kevin would agree to an interview for the On Demand Business site - what do you say Kevin? Rick Bonti - really enjoyed our lunch time chat. I'll have to take your advise about Friday nights ;-)

Thanks for checking in with me.

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