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Monday, September 12, 2005

Blogging from Beijing

I just arrived in Beijing today on the first leg of this round the world "whirlwind" trip. We couldn't get the direct flights and had to go from NY to LA, hang around there a few hours, then to Hong Kong and on to Beijing. It took 30 hours to get here and I've never enjoyed a shower so much albeit a quick one because I had 30 minutes to get showered and dressed to rush off to my meetings here.

I was able to speak with our local China teams about the On Demand Business site as well as blogging. They are really interested in blogging here. I have to say I was a bit surprised, I thought there would be more hesitancy but not at all, the people I spoke with are already blogging personally and were keenly interested to understand the business applications and how they could get started here. We will spend a bit more time on it tomorrow. They were also very interested in RSS feeds and expect to get those up and running for the On Demand Business site here in China very soon.

This is my second trip to China. I was first in Beijing and Shanghai about 4 years ago. I am anxious to go to the area of Beijing that I spent time in the first trip so I can compare an area that I'm more familiar with. My first impression is that it has changed a lot. There are far fewer bicycles and far more cars than I remember. Shanghai had a lot of construction 4 years ago but now I see construction everywhere here in Beijing as well. I understand that one of my favorite areas of Beijing the Huo Tong (sorry I probably spelled it wrong - but it is a very old and beautiful residential area around the Imperial Palace) is being torn down for new construction. That is sad. I'm sure that for many of the people who live here "progress" is good but for the traveler in me, I hate to see Beijing and other cities all grow to look just a like.

I'm going to try and share a few lines from each of the countries on this trip so stay tuned.
Thanks for checking in with me.

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