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Friday, September 16, 2005


I'm going to be cutting my tour short. While here in Sydney I learned that my mother has passed away. She loved Australia and somehow it felt right being here. One of my sister's was able to be with her. We had time to say good-bye over the past couple of years and I am very grateful for that. She was an amaing woman. I'll tell you about her another time. For now, I will be away from the blog for a bit.

Thanks for checking in with me.

Blogging from Sydney

It has been a whirlwind week. Meetings in Beijing and the past couple days in Sydney. Top of mind impression. I have an MBA in international business and consider myself to be a bit more of an "internationalist" than many Americans. Frankly I've been blown away by my brief trip to AP. I can't put my finger on it yet but what is top of mind is that most of us in America really are too insular. We don't get or seem to be too interested in the international news. I don't remember the last time I read a newspaper cover to cover but I read the newspaper the South China Daily News (I think that was the name) cover to cover. There was so much that caught my attention. This is a region that is really in action, in expansion versus a US that seems more conservative. Kind of the difference between youth and the elder person.

I was in Shanghai and Beijing about 4 years ago. The difference from then to now is unbelievable. Four years ago in Beijing riding in a car you were surrounded by bicycles at the stoplights. Now the roadways are full of cars and the bicycles are on a narrow lane to the side. Before the corners had 1000's of bicycles locked up now you see only a few.

Sydney also seems very alive and active. As for blogging in Sydney, there is interest at least from my team here but Podcasts, content distribution in new formats, RSS seems to be of more interest.

I will continue my thoughts on the region and add photos when I get back. Right now we are just moving too fast with too little sleep for me to make sense of all the impressions floating around in my head.

Thanks for checking in with me.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Blogging from Beijing

I just arrived in Beijing today on the first leg of this round the world "whirlwind" trip. We couldn't get the direct flights and had to go from NY to LA, hang around there a few hours, then to Hong Kong and on to Beijing. It took 30 hours to get here and I've never enjoyed a shower so much albeit a quick one because I had 30 minutes to get showered and dressed to rush off to my meetings here.

I was able to speak with our local China teams about the On Demand Business site as well as blogging. They are really interested in blogging here. I have to say I was a bit surprised, I thought there would be more hesitancy but not at all, the people I spoke with are already blogging personally and were keenly interested to understand the business applications and how they could get started here. We will spend a bit more time on it tomorrow. They were also very interested in RSS feeds and expect to get those up and running for the On Demand Business site here in China very soon.

This is my second trip to China. I was first in Beijing and Shanghai about 4 years ago. I am anxious to go to the area of Beijing that I spent time in the first trip so I can compare an area that I'm more familiar with. My first impression is that it has changed a lot. There are far fewer bicycles and far more cars than I remember. Shanghai had a lot of construction 4 years ago but now I see construction everywhere here in Beijing as well. I understand that one of my favorite areas of Beijing the Huo Tong (sorry I probably spelled it wrong - but it is a very old and beautiful residential area around the Imperial Palace) is being torn down for new construction. That is sad. I'm sure that for many of the people who live here "progress" is good but for the traveler in me, I hate to see Beijing and other cities all grow to look just a like.

I'm going to try and share a few lines from each of the countries on this trip so stay tuned.
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Blogging about US Open

In light of Katrina I just haven't felt like blogging but I guess it is finally time to get back to the blog.

It has been an incredibly busy time and I have a lot to report on.

First, we pushed our On Demand Business blog onto the front page of our site.

Second, I brought our blogger - Todd Watson to the US Open. IBM is a US Open Partner and I asked Todd to come to the US Open, take a look at all we do there and blog about it. He has some really interesting things to say.

Third - I have educated several more teams on blogging. Today I spoke with our Global Advertising team.

Fourth - I'm heading out on a 8 country tour to meet with my teams in the geographies on our Interactive strategy and of course to talk with them about blogging.

I'm going to do my best to post from each of the countries. I am very anxious to speak with the local teams and gain a good view of the different thoughts and views about blogging around the world. I am doing the tour in just 13 days so I'm not sure I will even know which continent I'm on or whether it is night or day but I'll do my best to give a global view.

Unfortunately, due to this trip which had some fixed meeting dates, I am unable to speak at The Power of Blogs conference. I was able to help secure a great replacement from IBM. His name is David Berger from our Corporate Communications Department - Thanks David. If you are looking for a good blog seminar, you should check this one out.

Thanks for checking in with me.