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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm back

I'm sorry I didn't let you know that I was on vacation but I actually thought I might blog a little on vacation but I had a hard drive problem... long story short my computer didn't work. I didn't want to spend vacation time on that but as soon as I returned I got it fixed so I'm back. Fortunately for me I had better luck with IBM Customer Service than Jarvis did with Dell. If you haven't seen it there is a very interesting article in Business Week titled Dell: in the Bloghouse. The long and short of it is that Dell had a very unhappy customer who began to blog about it. Something we have seen more and more. Dell didn't deal with it quickly and didn't respond quickly to the blogs and soon there was a large cadre of people blogging about their negative experiences with Dell Customer Service. As of today on Technorati there were 557 posts with Dell Jarvis and the posts had hundreds upon hundreds of links.

Lesson to all corporate blog programs about the important first step in blogging. Monitor the blogosphere. Have programs and people in place to get answers quickly and respond to issues before they get a lot of steam behind them.

Note to self - take a lesson from Jarvis and start a blog campaign against Nejame & Sons, Inc pool contractors. Construction, building contractors, pool contractors have for too long totally ignored customer service (ask anyone who has had a home built or major construction done). Maybe the blogosphere can put some power back in the consumer and balance in the system. More on that later.

Thanks for checking in with me.

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