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Friday, August 26, 2005

A nice comment from Toby at DivaMarketing

(From DivaMarketing)
Nice example from IBM's On Demand oh how to promote a company's blogger's credibility. This is the home page. If you can't see the image click on it to expand. Ibm___on_demand_thought_leader_1

Kudos to Sher Taton, the creative innovator, behind the IBM On Demand blog strategy..and a graduate of the AMA blog workshop - Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website.

Thank you Toby for the really nice recognition about our promotion of the blog on the On Demand Business site..... Just a little "insider tip"... Be sure to take a look Sept 1 at the On Demand Business site for some new promotional treatments and without spilling the beans... the October 1 site update is really going to be "blog news".... stay tuned!

In all honestly, I'm still struggling with some limitations of the platform that I have to work within. The platform and restrictions are currently limiting my ability to really seed and gain traction and readership for my blogs on the On Demand Business site the way that I would like but I hope to work through that as quickly as possible. Needless to say, is a very important and valuable asset to IBM and we have to move cautiously... we can't do things that could harm the one of the company jewels.

Thanks for checking in with me.

A blast from the past...

While I was away, it looks like I got a comment from an old flame.... Hey Larry - what are you up to. Let's see, last I remember you got me to fly out to California to check out the college you were attending with the idea that I would go there as well and we would potentially live happily ever after... and then you dumped me... :-) Ouch. No hard feelings - really... So, the answer to your question is yes that is me... (now I'm getting really embarrassed...) a former Miss Colorado Teenager.

Oh and hey - I was just thinking... how did you find my blog... you weren't by any chance googling my name were you... Gotcha didn't I. Still thinking of me huh ... (I couldn't resist - I owed you at least that) "Big Smile".

I sent you a personal e-mail - let's catch up.

Thanks for checking in with me.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm back

I'm sorry I didn't let you know that I was on vacation but I actually thought I might blog a little on vacation but I had a hard drive problem... long story short my computer didn't work. I didn't want to spend vacation time on that but as soon as I returned I got it fixed so I'm back. Fortunately for me I had better luck with IBM Customer Service than Jarvis did with Dell. If you haven't seen it there is a very interesting article in Business Week titled Dell: in the Bloghouse. The long and short of it is that Dell had a very unhappy customer who began to blog about it. Something we have seen more and more. Dell didn't deal with it quickly and didn't respond quickly to the blogs and soon there was a large cadre of people blogging about their negative experiences with Dell Customer Service. As of today on Technorati there were 557 posts with Dell Jarvis and the posts had hundreds upon hundreds of links.

Lesson to all corporate blog programs about the important first step in blogging. Monitor the blogosphere. Have programs and people in place to get answers quickly and respond to issues before they get a lot of steam behind them.

Note to self - take a lesson from Jarvis and start a blog campaign against Nejame & Sons, Inc pool contractors. Construction, building contractors, pool contractors have for too long totally ignored customer service (ask anyone who has had a home built or major construction done). Maybe the blogosphere can put some power back in the consumer and balance in the system. More on that later.

Thanks for checking in with me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Blogging continues to gain traction at IBM

We are continuing to gain traction on our blogging strategy at IBM. A note went out today from a senior VP to the top executives in the corporation encouraging them to think about blogging, wikkis, content syndication etc. in their strategies. I forwarded the note on to my marketing communciatons colleagues since I'm sure the questions will start coming even more rapidly from the top asking our teams how the divisions should engage. This week alone I've been asked to speak to 5 different teams on blogging and strategy. Remember... this is my second - or it is third job! :-) (But I'm pretty lucky in that I enjoy most of the jobs I have.) Of course it didn't help lighten my load any this week that my boss resigned for an opportunity outside IBM. Eric - it's been a good few years working with you and I wish you the best!

One of the key themes we keep hearing in IBM was summed up As Irving Wladawsky-Berger (himself an IBM blogger!) notes, "this feels very much like 1995-96, the early days of the Web. Something significant is happening, and its ultimate meaning and shape haven't yet emerged. We have a unique opportunity to understand and help our clients -- and IBM itself -- leverage this phenomenon."

I've been thinking this week. IBM may not have been the first to engage in the blogging party and some have even been critical of us. But we, like a lot of our customers, have to approach blogging with a lot of thought and strategy. It's just our DNA. I think in the end, we will develop some excellent information, technology and strategies that can help a lot of our customer make good business use of the corporate blog not only external blogs but blogs with and among customers, internal blogs etc. - a true enterprize solution with a business purpose. That is what IBM does best - help our customers solve business issues and gain competitive advantage.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My future working in a sandwich shop

According to John Bosma, my future may lie in working behind the counter in a sandwich shop. Basically John says that we should stop blogging about blogging. He actually makes some really good points but I think that John will give me a pass because 1) he know me and 2) because he knows that my real interest lies in uncovering and talking about new marketing mediums and today that area just happens to fall in the blogging and other new user genenerated content areas.

Am I right Boz or do I need to get working on my behind the counter skills?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Am I a really dedicated blogger

David Coleman had a really good blog about Too Much Collaboration. How we are getting interrupted by e-mail, phones etc. There was some talk there of some potential IBM solutions and solutions from other's like Microsoft. I don't know about you but I can't wait for some solutions.

It wasn't that long ago in the business world that you might get out or receive 5-10 memos in a day. A memo might be dictated to a secretary, then typed, reviewed and when perfected it would be distributed. It would then take several days for people to respond to said memo. That same process would now transpire in less than 5 minutes. We are now handling all our own communications, travel scheduling, paperwork, people management systems, how many e-mail and other communications per day while trying to produce brilliant strategy or end work in what ever it is we are supposed to be doing. Now I'm also supposed to have time to program my RSS feeds, track things on Technorati, blog on the IBM internal blog and here with some intelligence while reading as many other blogs as possible, do links and trackbacks so I can become a more popular blogger..... while doing my REAL job.

In a blog conference in NYC back in February I think it was, I asked Robert Scoble if he thought it was realistic that a person could be a "famous" blogger if it weren't his full time (near full time) gig. He rather scolded me for thinking that his blog job was his job. He pointed out that his job was Channel 9 and blogging was an after hours thing. Well I'm not sure that everyone sees it that way. Maybe the Channel 9 gig and the blogging are so inter-related that what he is out doing for his "real" job just gives him a lot of information that he can use in his blogs. Please, I'm not trying to take anything away from him or other bloggers who have made it to the top. The question really is whether or not I can really find bloggers who have REALLY hard and long hour jobs in IBM and expect they can do what is necessary to become well read bloggers for IBM without expecting them to spend hours each day blogging, reading blogs, finding links etc.

The site for me is partially my own experiment to see what it is to try and regularly blog - like I am asking people in IBM to step up and do - and partially to find other people out there who need to set up blogging strategies for their companies so that we can share knowledge and experiences.

No I don't have any delusions that I am on my way to becoming a famous blogger... That just isn't what I am aiming for. So am I a really dedicated blogger. I'm still not sure. I can say that this take more effort that I first imagined. Probably why by some estimates 65% of bloggers stop blogging... but this is good information for me as I work on corporate blogging strategy.

Thanks for checking in with me.