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Friday, July 08, 2005

Presenting blogging to Corporate Attorneys

I presented blogging and blogging strategy to a group of the IBM legal community today. I made them promise not to bring in sharp objects to the meeting. For a lot of reasons, blogging makes corporate attorneys very nervous. They actually turned out to be a really good group to present to. They were interested, asked a lot of questions and as always, I think they will be good partners for us on our blogging efforts.

I received an interesting article today from David Levy of Digitas. It was an article from ITSMA e-zine about navigating the blogsphere. It states a lot of the things that I believe... "For those marketers hesitant to jump in or unconvinced that blogging is more than just a fad, consider the last ten years of the Web itself, which transformed incredibly quickly from techie and teen plaything to business essential. Blogging is likely another example of a tech development that is over-hyped in the short run but underestimated in the long.

As customers, journalists, and others increasingly tune out one-way pronouncements in favor of community-based dialogue, marketers will ignore the blogosphere at their peril. Already we're seeing many in the media ignoring email and Websites in favor of personalized information feeds from the blogs they deem useful. No doubt we're still in early days, and the particulars of blogging will continue to grow and change. But there should be little doubt that a more participatory approach to marketing is taking hold, with blogging assuming a prominent place in that new approach. Learning to navigate the blogosphere is fast becoming a requirement for marketing success."

I am leading a blog enablement day next week for marketing communications professionals at IBM and I think this is really the heart of the message. We are all so busy these days just trying to do the considerable work we have in front of us that it is really easy to forget to look up once in a while and see what is happening around us. I really believe that the way we do marketing and marketing communications is in the middle of a powerful shift and that many people are so busy they are going to join the movement later than they should.

So .... step away from the computers, look around you... take a minute to think about this shift from marketing "brochure ware" to how marketing needs to begin to really engage with customers and have intelligent 2 way conversations. Given that premise, should you continue to do things as you have been or maybe consider trying a new or different approach.

The question of the day... if you weren't so busy doing what you do, what would you do instead?

Thanks for checking in with me.

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