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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New Employee Blogging Benefit

First a big thank you for your comments... Ian - some really interesting thoughts. In fact, I'm looking at this more from the perspective of creating a "company's" blog strategy more than my own personal blog strategy. You gave me an interesting thought. Perhaps in the future one "employee benefit" may be that an employer or potential employer promises not to kill your blog regardless of your employment with them or at least promoses to move you and provide a link to the new site if you leave their employment. I know in thinking of company strategy it has occurred to me that when bringing the voices of subject matter experts (SME) as bloggers onto the company external web, I've thought about what would happen if said SME changes jobs within the company, no longer wants to blog or leaves the company. My thoughts have been that since the blogger is primarily blogging about a subject that they "could" potentially be replaced by another SME or maybe you shut that blog down and offer visitors some other blogs they could visit with similar content or maybe from the start, you do group blogs so that if one blogger wants out the entire blog isn't hurt. Well - just some of my thoughts. What do you think?

Thanks for checking in with me.
Sher Taton

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