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Friday, July 15, 2005

IBM Blogfest 2005

I blogged my prior post from Blog Enablement Day we held at IBM for the marketing communications community a few days ago. I see I had a comment from one of the attendees (Welcome to the blogsosphere Lynn Porterfield). I was really very happy and even moved with the outpouring of positive comments we got from the attendees.

"Best conference I've been to in ages"... "Just wanted to say I think you did an AMAZING job today. It was educationsal, fun and best of all I don't think I've ever seen you happier - Congrats".

Wow... amazing what some kind words can do to the soul.

Towards the end of the conference we broke into groups to prepare strategies for the various business units. Some of the teams were more cautious... we are going to monitor for a bit to see what we want to do... but others were ready to go and get their subject matter experts on board and start some blogs. I think we planted a few seeds and even this week, I've seen some of them start to grow.

So, what is my recommendation to you if you are in a company and want to get some traction on blogging. 1) as with any project, you will probably want/need a senior exec who really gets it and is ready to push at the top. 2) go to a seminar or two your self (the AMA Blog Seminar is a great place to start) 3) Plan an education session. There is enough information out there on the web to enable you to pull together educational sessions on all the key points. Find people in your organization or even bring in some outside experts. I have included our agenda items in the event that would help you get organized.

Introduction to Blogging
IBM Blogging Guidelines
Factors That Determine a Successful Blog
RSS, Podcasting and other important new media tools
Case study of a blog on
Case study of an IBMer blogging on a 3rd party site
Blog Metrics
Blogs & Search Engine Optimization
A case study of the GM Vice Chairman's blog
Monitoring Blogs for Market Intelligence
Breakout sessions to define your business unit blog strategy.

Thanks for checking in with me!

2 Old Comments:

Sher - very exciting to see you moving so quickly!

Since you mentioned it, I assume it's ok to let your readers know that AMA is offering the program in Atlanta on September 30th.

By Blogger Toby, at 11:34 PM  

Another conference worth looking into: In New York City on Sept 13, The Wall St Transcript is holding a conference on generating Word of Mouth Buzz that includes the role of blogs in spreading messages and how to incorporate blogging into PR and marketing.

By Blogger BL, at 10:04 AM