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Friday, July 22, 2005

Changing Agencies

Have you ever tried to change a tire on a bus which moving down the road at 120 mph? Well this is exactly what I feel like I am in the middle of. In my past lives, I have moved my advertising from one agency to another and as painful as that was, it was nothing compared to this. Why is everything in the interactive space so much more painful? This is like moving a living breathing "thing", all it's processes and assets around the world educating an entire new set of people on all the content, process and assets on a global basis while continuing to make the living thing stay alive.

My main job is that I run the global On Demand Business website for IBM. A team in IBM decided to move IBM website communication from a great agency OgilvyOne to another great agency Digitas/EuroRSCG4D. I had a great experience with my Ogilvy partners and expect to have a great team at Digitas. When I looked at the OgilvyOne site to create this link though maybe that explains a bit about why people decided to make the switch. I see a lot about Ogilvy's advertising and advertising web landing experience pages and even a good deal about their direct marketing but I really don't see many examples of their site work. If I may brag a bit, I run one of the highest rated sites in IBM. O&M has been my incredible partner to get there. It is a great site but... it isn't showcased on their site. Someone out there may correct me if I'm wrong and I will be happy to stand corrected but I don't see it. On the other hand when I click on Digitas, while we aren't showcased "yet", it is immediately apparent that a core business for them is website communications.

So you may be wondering how this has anything to do with Blogging. A couple things. Sometimes I just find that the corporate world is still very advertising focused. This new marketing communications model really suggests a different model in the making. Web based, 2 way and multi-way communications etc. However if everything we try and do on the web is so complex and challenging, is it possible that we just can't get the senior people in our organizations who aren't working on the web interested in what we are doing? Do they just look at us and say... those people are always telling us how hard everything is. Why would I want to do more of it. But honestly it is more complex. So this is my rambling conundrum for this Friday afternoon.

Some things to ponder. Do you find interactive communications and web is more challenging than other forms of communication in your organization? Do you find that it is hard to get the attention, funding and resources for your interactive initiatives compared to other forms of communication? What does that mean in general for corporate blogging initiatives?

Thanks for checking in with me.

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