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Friday, July 22, 2005

Bad words on corporate web sites

I just read a link on our IBM internal website.

The search for influential bloggers
The holy grail among marketers: the development of tools that efficiently and quickly unearth influential blogs or blog discussions. [BusinessWeek Blogspotting]

When I read the above article from BusinessWeek Blogspotting, I was a bit surprised to find the word &*%^%% well you will have to read the article for yourself to find out what the word is.

I know it is hard with all this linking etc. to read everything. We do something called the "Quickread" on the On Demand Business site and I remember learning the importance of reading every page of every one of the links in the Quickread which links out to other articles we found interesting. I learned the importance because one time I found the "F" word believe it or not in an article in one of the very respected major publishers sites.

So, I pose the question. How do we feel about having the word #$%(&&^^!!@ in an article that is a direct link from corporate pages? My view? I'm not a prude but I do get tired of hearing bad language on the streets - particularly when I'm out there with my daughter. Maybe some brands are more aligned to some rougher language but I think that a brand such as the one I work for IBM should probably be cautious. It just doesn't really suuport our brand.

Thanks for checking in with me.

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I would think IBM's corporate blogging policy might forrbid potty mouth blog posts. They seem to be very much a part of the online landscape today. And so are with all varieties of clobbering of language, spelling, grammar. I've seen posts *bragging" about bad spelling; saying it shows the writing is "real."

The value of the content that counts the most, but skilled writing is always a welcome bonus. Yet, there are times when only a "bad" word seems to fit the bill. :>)

By Blogger BL, at 11:37 AM