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Friday, July 29, 2005

"bad" lauguage on corporate web sites and blogs

See my blog from Friday July 22 about "bad" language on corporate websites and blogs. I made a similar post to my IBM internal blog regarding finding links to "bad" words on our corporate website. I got a lot of comments on my internal blog. They really seemed to come down on two sides of the issue. One, was similar to the comment that BL made that if I understand correctly, "all varieties of clobbering of language, spelling, grammar" may also be something we should talk about and consider - not just "bad" words. Another thought was that given the adding of links upon links upon comments, it probably just isn't practical to "police" and make sure that within a link or 2 of a corporate website, one couldn't find "bad" words. Both are really good thoughts.

I have to admit that I am perhaps more of a "blink" writer and write my blog much like I speak or write an informal e-mail. I probably don't pay as much attention to spelling and grammar as I should. On my internal blog someone even pointed out that in my position in marketing communications I should be MUCH more careful about spelling and grammar. (I had a big ugly typo in the headline of my internal blog - which yes, I did go in and edit).

I'm not sure where I will land on this. I will probably be a bit more careful with typos in the future. However... when I choose a person to blog for my company, one of my major requirements is that they be a "good, interesting, entertaining" writer. I think I have found a good person for the On Demand Business site in Todd Watson. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for checking in with me.

3 Old Comments:

I don't believe that you should be excellent at spelling to write a blog. I blog in English but my mother tongue is Danish. I try to do my best but ofcourse I make mistakes. The power of blogging is exactly made for this, someone will correct me and I will edit the post. It's all about collaborating and sharing. Just like in a wiki.

An example would be Morten Lund, the CEO and Chairman of Bullguard (and investor in Skype), an anti-virus, backup and firewall company. His mother tongue is also danish, but he speaks english quite well. His spelling is not that good though, but his blog is probably the one that I read the most. His stories are real and interesting - not just something someone has written to get promoted or the like. You should give it a shot at

By Blogger Jacob Bøtter, at 3:20 PM  

Anyone who blogs in a language that isn't their first language is to be commended. I certainly couldn't do it. But is it really that big a hassle to use spell check?

I agree that it is content that matters most, but a lot of bloggers are simply sloppy writers. I prefer to read the ones who take the time to proof-read. I read my posts out loud before I put them on the blog. I find it helps a lot.

By Blogger BL, at 11:58 AM  

Jacob - good points about the language differences. I speak Spanish and French but would hate to have to write a blog in either language - my English is bad enough.

By Blogger Sher Taton, at 1:41 PM